Welcome to the World of Hidden Heritage

Welcome to the online home of Hidden Heritage, a wealth of information brought to you by a passionate team of people who love to bring the history to life our heritage, discovering new evidence and uncovering amazing new stories that can be passed on to future generations to learn from – until we discover it, all history is hidden from us. Be it from reading a book in school, to visiting a heritage centre or museum,  or listening to stories from parents and grandparents about childhood memories, the generation of the Second World War of course, sadly diminishing at a high rate due to age.

Our base is located in South East Cornwall, overlooking what could be argued as the greatest maritime city in the world, and certainly one of, if not, THE most historic cities in the world and our second base – Plymouth! The Rame Peninsula itself, also steeped in great history and a wealth of stories to go with it. Our time now, for the team at least, is to promote and conserve the history and heritage around us, passing on that knowledge then to the next generations, so on and so forth.

Whitsand Bay Fort, The Rame Peninsula, Cornwall

After almost a four year foundation built, the Hidden Heritage Blogs begin here, since all previous works and posts have been via Facebook and Twitter only. Now it’s time for us to settle in and drop some fantastic features, exclusive stories and imagery from locations around locally, nationally and also international, all from our base here exploring the globe and discovering new countries, but at the mere touch of a button linked to the World Wide Web. Guests from Worldwide will also be making a visit in the near future, securing trade and friendships like those over the last few thousand years. 

I hope you enjoy what is to come and welcome any feedback, or support in any way!


Paul (Founder)