Artefact Database

The Hidden Heritage Artefact Database was put together to assist others in their research, with Wes Ashton launching the database by submitting his collection of hundreds of amazing discoveries from the area. The database is a useful tool for teachers, students, researchers, authors and many more with items being added daily.

Whilst we continue to add artefacts and data, please do take a look at the gallery below for just a fraction of what is to come. If you would like to feature your own historic pieces such as coins, bottles, clay pipes and metal detecting or diving finds, we would love to feature it on the database. Understandably, certain sites cannot be made public but the aim of documenting them is to give more history to a particular location, and just a photograph of the item is enough to help many people along their own path of discovery and education. The wealth of history we have made available to teachers, researchers and students just speaks for itself, and now you can help build on to what is already an impressive archive.